Guest Appearances by Guns N' Roses members:

Izzy, Dizzy, Matt & Gilby: Axl, Slash & Duff:  


Album (year):


    Burden Brothers Queen O' Spades (2002) Walk Away
    Mark Lanegan Bubblegum (2004) Background vocals on Strange Religion
    John Mellencamp John Mellencamp (1998) Guitar on Miss Missy
    The Outpatience Anxious Disease Wound Up In A Vega
    Soundtrack Decline of Western Civilization pt. 2: The Metal Years Guitar on Under My Wheels
    Doug Aldrich Electrovision (2001) Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes
    Gilby Clarke Pawnshop Guitars (1994) Mellotron on Black, Hammond Organ & Calliope on Let's Get Lost, Hammond Organ on Shut Up
    Maissa Not What I Had Planned (1996) Organ (Hammond)
    Duff McKagan Believe In Me (1993) Piano, Farfisa on Could It Be U, Backing Vocals on Trouble
    Motorhead Hammered (Ltd. Edition) Mine All Mine
    Michael Zentner Playtime (1995)  
    Soundtrack Coneheads (1993) Magic Carpet Ride
    Various Artists Steinway to Heaven (1996) Chopin's Raindrop
    Teddy Andreas Innocent Loser (1996) Innocent Loser, Rip In The World, Shotgun Shack
    Ecoline Crush Brand New History Make It Right
    Gilby Clarke Pawnshop Guitars (1994) Black, Tijuana Jail, Pawn Shop Guitars
    Sammy Hagar Marching To Mars (1997)  
    Glenn Hughes Feel (2000) Talkin' to Messiah
    Glenn Hughes The Way It Is (1999) You Kill Me, Second Son
    Duff McKagan Believe In Me (1993) Fucked Up Beyond Belief
    Milkweed Milkweed (2000) Mr. Foolish, Forgotten Few, Will Be Gone
    Poe Hello (1995)  
    Q-16 Thousand Reasons  
    Soundtrack Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie Soundtrack (1995)
Go Go Power Rangers
    Various Artists 1988 Summer Olympics Album / One Moment In Time (1988) Reason to Try
    Various Artists A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen (2001)  
    Various Artists Burning for Buddy: A Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich (1994)  
    Various Artists Forever Mod (1998) Dynamite
    Various Artists Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper (1999)  
    Various Artists Stone Cold Queen - A Tribute (2001) Stone Cold Crazy
    Alien Swinger Club o.k. girlz Producer, guitar on tracks 1, 2, 3 and 4
    Avantasia The Metal Opera, Part 2 (2002) Engineer
    Ball Grand Human Disaster Scenario Producer
    Beat Angels Red Badge of Discourage (1997) Producer
    Beat Angels Unhappy Hour With... (1996) Guitar, Piano, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Berlin Berlin Live: Sacred and Profane (2000) Voice engineer
    Dad's Porno Mag Dad's Porno Mag (2000) Producer, tamborine
    Wayne Kramer Adult World (2002) Engineer
    L.A. Guns Cocked and Re-Loaded (2000) Engineer and producer
    L.A. Guns Man In The Moon (2001) Producing, engineering and mixing
    L.A. Guns Shrinking Violet -
    L.A. Guns The Ultimate L.A. Guns (2002) producer and guitarist
    Love/Hate Let's Eat (1999)  
    Material Issue - -
    Duff McKagan Believe In Me (1993) Ten Years
    Shameless Queen For A Day (2001) Engineering, mixing, producing and backing vocals.
    The Chesterfield Kings - -
    The Loveless A Tale Of Gin And Salvation (1995) guitar
    The Runaways - -
    Triggerdaddy Stereosonic Meltdown (2005) Producer, guitars
    Kathy Valentine Light Years (2005) -
    Kyle Vincent Wow And Flutter (2001) -
    Windigo Windigo (1998) Producer, mixing, engineering, backing vocals and keyboards
    Various Artists Aerosmithsonian (2001)  
    Various Artists American Hair Band, Vol. 1 Wild Flower
    Various Artists Cheap Dream - A Tribute To Cheap Trick Southern Girls
    Various Artists Fire Woman: Tribute To The Cult (2001) Wild Flower engineering
    Various Artists Forever Mod, Rod Stewart Tribute (1998) The Killing Of Georgie
    Various Artists Hazy Dreams - A Jimi Hendrix Tribute (2003) Cross Town Traffic (guitar)
    Various Artists Hot For Remixes: A Tribute to Van Halen (1999) Ice Cream Man
    Various Artists Metal Thunder : Arena Rock Classics (2001) Mixing
    Various Artists A Punk Tribute to Weezer (2002) Mixing
    Various Artists Return of the Comet: Tribute to Ace Frehley (1997) Rocket Ride
    Various Artists Shout At The Remix - A Tribute To Mötley Crue (2002) Too Young To Fall In Love
    Various Artists Spacewalk - A Salute To Ace Frehley (1996) Shock Me
    Various Artists Stairway To Rock - A Led Zeppelin Tribute (2003) All My Love (guitar and vocal)
    Various Artists Tribute To Led Zeppelin & Cheap Trick (2001) Southern Girls
    Various Artists Welcome To The Jungle - A Rock Tribute To Guns N' Roses (2002) Guitar on all tracks
    Various Artists We Wish You a Hairy Christmas (2003) I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
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