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September 19th, 2003
GNR mentions in Blender magazine & Guitar World
There were two GN'R mentions in the October 2003 issue of Maxim presents BLENDER magazine:

The 1001 Greatest Songs to Download Right Now
Blender's Picks


GUNS N' ROSES "Mr. Brownstone"



It's karaoke time! Just don't try these songs, says Dave Pena of NYC's Planet Rose Karaoke Lounge, or you'll look like a jackass!

"This is probably the most piercing song people can sing, and they always go into a full-on scream."

Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" and Led Zeppelin "Kashmir" were the other two "Don't Sing These!" songs.

This is from the latest issue of Guitar World:

Maynard from A Perfect Circle talks about Axl:


GW: Your bandmates in A Perfect Circle have dealth with notorious frontmen like Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan. How do you stack up?

Keenan: "It comes down to popularity. I think some of those guys got to a point where maybe they were incapable of handling the attention. Axl, bless his heart, can't make a move. He thinks I'm the devil. I helped Billy Howerdel, who used to work with Axl and was very close to him, finally make it on his own. An Axl considers me the devil because of it. That makes no sense to me. But I'm sure there's a bunch of things about me that don't make sense to someone else."


In the same magazine Billy Howerdel mentions GN'R:


Howerdel: ... then one day I saw this chick holding a holding a computer and a guitar at the same time, and it dawned on me. After that I started working for Guns N' Roses and got them into computers, showing them what I had learned from Nine Inch Nails. I learned more as I worked in their crew. That's also where I met Josh. What I like about computers is you can work at your own pace, and it's so much cheaper in the long run than working with tape.


Source(s): BLENDER magazine, Guitar World  
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