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July 27th, 2003
Candy (Gilby's old band) to release album + Weiland news
National Release
August 19th!

"Teenage Neon Jungle"
original rare and unreleased recordings from


"Teen pop filtered through the Ramones, Bay City Rollers from hell, Johnny Thunders meets the Raspberries-that's Candy." -L.A. Weekly

Now, 18 years after the Los Angeles pop-glam band known as "Candy" released their cult classic major label album "Whatever Happened to Fun," fans of unadulterated power pop can revisit the big-haired 80's with "Candy - Teenage Neon Jungle" nationally released on SongTree Records.

With a walloping 25 tracks of original raw demos, live and re-recorded songs, and little gems from Candy's audio scrapbook, and with its extensive liner notes and photos, "Teenage Neon Jungle" takes you on a voyeuristic ride with a breaking band in the heart of America's music world.

Behind Candy's unified sound were Gilby Clarke (guitar, vocals); Jonathan Daniel (bass, vocals,); Kyle Vincent (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); and John Schubert (drums, vocals).

Drawn together by the same ambition -- "to play good music" -- the guys met by chance and circumstance, and the combination was instantly natural. When Candy played their first gig, the legendary Kim Fowley saw them and predicted, "These guys are the next matinee idols."

Bands as diverse as Green Day and Gin Blossoms have listed Candy as influences and, even nearly two decades after the fact, some of these songs could stand up to Jimmy Eats World and other contemporary power pop bands.

Candy toured for a year, playing all of LA's infamous nightspots and opening national tours for Rick Springfield and Corey Hart. Though the band was short-lived - Clarke joined Guns N' Roses, Vincent went on to a solo career - their admirers have remained enthralled by Candy's brief influence.

Whatever happened to fun? It's all over "Teenage Neon Jungle!"

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Whatever Happened To Fun
3. Stuff
4. First Time
5. Turn It Up Loud (recorded live-Houston, TX '85)
6. Kids In The City (recorded live-The Palace, Hollywood, CA '85)
7. Stuff
8. The Girl I Love
9. Weekend Boy
10. Champagne
11. Stuff
12. She Loves You (recorded live at The Palace, Hollywood, CA '85)
13. Stuff
14. Lonely Hearts
15. Electric Nights
16. Number One
17. Daddy Is A Jet (first Candy demo, '81)
18. Sound Of A Broken Heart
19. Turn It Up Loud '03
20. War Is Over-Electric Angels
21. Crocodile Tears-Gilby Clarke (from "Rubber")
22. You Will Dance Again-Kyle Vincent (from "Solitary Road")
23. The Return Of The X-Girlfriend-The Loveless (from "A Tale Of Gin & Salvation")
24. The Last Radio Show '03/'85 Live
25. Outro

Scott Weiland appeared in a Burbank, California, court on Friday (July 25) to request his case be diverted to a drug court program, where his possession charges could be dismissed upon completion of the program. Eligibility is typically based on possession for personal use, not for sale, among other factors. The Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver singer will next appear in a Pasadena court on August 15 to find out if he qualifies. ...

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