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July 1st, 2003
GN'R mention and Slash quote in Spin magazine article about Jane's Addiction
GNR mention and Slash quote from an article is SPIN (mag) August 2003 issue, article title "The Uncensored History of Jane's Addiction"

Note - This is who the mag list as "Cast of Characters" of the people in the part I'm quoting:
RICHMAN is Josh Richman: L.A. party promoter, actor;
GLORIA is Dayle Gloria: cofounder and DJ, Scream club, where Jane's Addiction were "house band"; in-house booker, Viper Room;
CHARLEY BROWN is Charley Brown: manager, Jane's Addiction;
SLASH is (of course) Slash: lead guitarist, Guns N' Roses

SCREAM (1986)


RICHMAN: The scene that gathered around Jane's was ancillary to this thing that was going on with Guns N' Roses and Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns and Jetboy. Those bands were playing the Toubadour and the Strip, but Jane's was selling out the Lingerie, the Palace in Hollywood, the Country Club in Reseda; they also got the Lhasa Club and the Powertools downtown art crowd. Then they started to play regularly at Scream.

GLORIA: Guns were playing to the whole Whisky-Gazarri's-Strip thing. We represented the anti-Strip at Scream, because of the darkness of a lot of the things we were doing. We were also seven or eight miles away from the Strip in downtown L.A., where only the more adventurous rocker types would go. The Cathouse where Taime Downe and Guns hung out was more of a sleazoid tattoos, strippers, and rock'n'roll kind of thing. All the Cathouse guys looked like Bret Michaels from Poison, and the chicks were slutty Tawny Kitaen types. At Scream, all the guys looked like Ian McCulloch [of Echo & the Bunnymen], and the girls were all Siouxsie [Sioux] clones.

SLASH: We rehearsed in the same little hole-in-the-wall practice studio [as Jane's]. One day, the Jane's guys were coming out as we were coming in, and it was very weird - we never exchanged words. It was sort of like one of those high school things where two sides quietly face off.

CHARLEY BROWN: Jane's hated Guns N' Roses. Guns were their mortal enemies, as far as scenesters and stuff.

SLASH: Guns hated everybody.
(end quote)

Source(s): Spin  
Thanks to: Gypsy 
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