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March 26th, 2003
Hardcore bands to be on Guns N Roses Tribute + Suki Jones news
Taken from hardcorewebsite.net:

Hardcore bands to be on Guns N Roses Tribute album, posted by nycore on Sat Mar 22 10:36:31 2003

Im embarrassed to mention this news but since hardcore bands are doing the music its somewhat important: Law of Inertia Records will be releasing a Guns 'n Roses tribute CD. Bands set to appear include: Dillinger Escape Plan, Nora, Every Time I Die, Shai Hulud, Most Precious Blood, 18 Visions, Since by Man, Haste, Unearth, Time in Malta, Aaron Turner of Isis (acoustic), and 3 more bands that will be announced soon. No release date has been announced yet.


This is the Suki Jones related part of a press release:

Brent Muscat, guitarist of Faster Pussycat and Steven Adler, original drummer of Guns N Roses have successfully wrapped up a weekend of sold out shows.

Calling their jam project, “Suki Jones” and fronted by Ratt singer Jizzy Pearl, the band played to an enthusiastic packed house at Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas last night.

“It was so cool, how many people came to see Steven’s comeback. The crowd was unbelievable and I was excited to see the people sing along with Jizzy as he hit every note dead on!” Muscat was overheard telling a reporter.

The event was also documented on film and covered by a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. “This is the first time in sixteen years that I have played on the same stage with Steven.” Brent added.

For those of you who might not remember Brent’s band Faster Pussycat toured with Guns N Roses in 1987.


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