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October 14th, 1998
Marilyn Manson talks about One In A Million
"We recorded a Dr. Hook song called ‘Get My Rocks Off’ from the ‘;Sloppy Seconds’ album (from 1973)," Manson reveals, grinning broadly. "The song starts out saying, ‘Some men need killer weed, some men need cocaine’, and it goes on to mention having sex with dead people and snorting drugs. They’re the most controversial band that ever existed, and I have to pay my dues by covering their song."

Another song which Manson and band have covered for use on a future single is the equally controversial Guns ‘n’ Roses track ‘One In A Million’, on which singer Axl Rose stated: ‘Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me/They come to our country and spread some f**king disease’. The lyrics caused outrage back in ‘88, so much so that Rose was forced to make an awkward public apology for the offense caused to America’s black and gay populations. Manson views the song - and the storm of protest which followed - with a wicked fascination.

"It’s interesting to me that Axl Rose would write a song like that and then back down in the press and not be able to defend his statement," he says. "If you’re going to have the balls to make that kind of statement, then you should be able to back it up. So I figure I’ll say it and then show him how it’s done properly. These people really don’t know how to do anything right!" Manson huffs. "I have to take up all their slack for them. I’m not doing it because I agree with their statements, but because someone needs to do it properly."

And if there is fresh outrage when your version of ‘One In A Million’ is released?

"Go bother Axl Rose, he f**king wrote the song!" Manson cackles. "It’s not my f**king problem!"

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