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March 1st, 2003
Slash playing "Imagine" with Ed from Live + Duff & Slash on Trading Spaces?
This is from the Friends Of Live site:

Friends of LIVE has just added a video clip of Ed and Slash performing a cover of "Imagine" at the Peace on the Beach event that was held in Santa Monica, CA on February 15th. Please go to the Media section of the web site to check out this cool video clip!


Duff and Slash might be on The Learning Channel's Trading Spaces show today at 9.

This is what their site says of the show:

Los Angeles: Murietta Avenue

Homeowners are Teddy & Lisa; JT & Rick. Teddy is the keyboardist for Alice Cooper’s band; JT and Rick are roommates. Laurie Smith will design Teddy and Lisa's living room; Genevieve Gorder will design the living room for JT and Rick.

Might be just former GN'R touring keyboardist and Slash's Blues Ball member Teddy Andreadis.....

Source(s): http://www.friendsoflive.com , http://tlc.discovery.com/  
Thanks to: Charp, Pviljoen, Laura 
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