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February 22nd, 2003
Steven update: Adler's Appetite isn't the name of the new band + Jizzy Pearl's not part of the band?
February 21st - IMPORTANT UPDATES - Stevenís upcoming tour will be named ďAdlerís AppetiteĒ. This IS NOT the name of the band. The bandís name is awaiting copyright approval and will be announced here shortly - believe me, itís cool! They will be playing much of Appetite, not the entire record. The opening act for many of the shows will be popular LA band The White Stars who gained notoriety through The Osbournes TV show.

On a more serious note, STEVENADLERONLINE.COM webmaster BILL LONG is also assistant tour manager for GREAT WHITE. He suffered second and third degree burns in last nightís tragedy. Steven sends his best wishes to Bill and everyone involved in this absolutely terrible event. Arrangements are underway for a benefit performance at The Tailspin Club in Vegas in an effort to raise money to help cover Mr. Longís medical bills


From jizzypearl.com:

"I wake up this morning and I have several messages on my answering machine--" TURN ON CNN--TURN ON CNN" ---and I see a major f*cking tragedy unfold. Then I find out I'm going on a "world tour" ....somebody jumped the gun here folks. This was just a JAM, we all got together and played a few G 'n' R songs, a few AC/DC songs, it was fun...but that was all it was. There is no "band", there is no "tour", there is no "new record", I don't know where all that came from. Somebody should have asked me first before they threw up a press release. "

Source(s): http://hometown.aol.com/stevenadlersite/index.html , http://www.jizzypearl.com/  
Thanks to: skunkson, Gauda 
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