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February 16th, 2003
Random news from the past month
According to the Spanish edition of Kerrang! magazine, Chinese Democracy will be released in June. The magazine was interviewing Ron Smallwood from the Sanctuary Group.


"Estranged" has been included in Slant Magazine's list of the greatest music videos of all time.

Here's what they say:

62 Guns N' Roses "Estranged" (Andy Morahan)

Andy Morahan collaborated with Guns N' Roses on more than a half dozen videos. "Estranged" was the band's most pretentious and self-involved creation to date. This, though, was part of the video's genius. More so than any other Guns N' Roses video, the evocative "Estranged" was a frank look at Axl Rose's celebrity, his obsessive need for control and a haunting foreshadowing of the band's expiration. Rose's transcendent communication with the video's dolphins suggests that the he was more than aware of his delusions of grandeur and evokes the singer's isolation within his self-imposed spotlight.

The full list can be found here.


GN'R in Spin magazine:

In the issue of Spin with Sum41 on the cover, there were a few GNR mentions.

In the noise section, they had a blurb about Mixmaster Mike in which he talks about the riots after the Vancouver show.

There's also an article comparing Eminem to Axl Rose. In the readers poll results, the readers voted the September Issue (Axl on the cover), the 3rd Worst Spin Cover of 2002.


The Vancouver Police has a website dedicated to the riots at the GN'R "show". You can see it here.


People who have audiotioned for the Project:

According to a New Zealand radio station, current INXS singer Jon Stevens has audiotioned.

Mike Matijevic, singer for Steelheart has also auditioned for them.


Former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson talks about GN'R & The Project

JF: What is your take on the new Guns N Roses?
JP: Well I have heard some of the stuff that Slash, Duff, and Matt are doing.

JF: Where did you hear that?
JP: I know someone that they are possibly interested in for a singer. And I have to tell you what, the two songs I have heard are just killer. Absolutely killer. It is as close to the old Guns N Roses without sounding like a copy. The songs were very high energy, sort of got the Appetite vibe to it. Of course this is with the vocals that my friend put on the songs, and I have no idea who they will use as the singer for the project. As for Axl's Guns N Roses, who knows man. I don't know what to make of it. I can't even begin to imagine what his business problems are like right now. Having a tour of that size cancelled. I am sure he has burned some bridges, and that may be detrimental to him down the road. But all of this could be instantly cured if he comes out with his record, and it is a hit. But who knows. I have not heard Axl's Guns N Roses record, but I have spoken with a lot of people who have heard it, and a lot of people say it is great. And I hope it is great. For starters he has to put the record out, but you know the problem is that the record will never live up to its hype at this point. Again, I do hope it is absolutely great. I think that Guns N Roses have always added an exciting yet dangerous element to the world of music. It is not the same to me, without the original band, but hey, maybe we will get two really great bands to listen to.

Full interview here.


AXL ROSE's Fur Shame Precipitates Philly Meltdown

Did Spa nightclub's anti-fur policy contribute to the bust-up of GUNS N' ROSES? On Dec. 6 the day that Axl Rose & Co. axed their Philly concert, prompting a riot and causing promoter Clear Channel to scotch their tour Axl was turned away from the East Village spot for wearing a fur coat. As PAGE SIX reported last month, an angry Axl stalked off as the rest of his band went inside to party with Robert Downey Jr. and photog David LaChapelle. Now, some Axl watchers believe this may have precipitated the band's meltdown. "He was totally humiliated," a Spa spokeswoman confirmed.


GN'R was at #2 on Rolling Stone magazine's readers' Most Welcome Comeback list

Reader's Picks:

Most Welcome Comeback:

1. Bruce Springsteen
2. Guns n' Roses
3. Elvis Presley

More RS awards here.


Steven Adler has a new website. You can see it here.

Steven is putting together a new band and he's planning on touring later this year.

Their first show will be on March 22nd in Las Vegas.

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