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January 7th, 2003
Has Arnold Schwarzenegger Said To Axl Rose : You'll Be Back?
Will Arnold Schwarzenegger save the fledging Guns 'n' Roses project? It's looking likely that Arnie will have a song from the long time coming G'n'R 'Chinese Democracy' album included on the soundtrack for Terminator 3.

Schwarzenegger has been a supporter of Axl Rose for some time. On T2 his used G'n'R's 'You Could Be Mine" and launched the Use Your Illusion albums. Then in 1999, when it looked like the release of 'Chinese Democracy' was imminent, he used 'Oh My God' for his movie 'End Of Days'.

Terminator 3 will be released mid year. Clare Danes, girlfriend of Australian singer Ben Lee has a major role in the film playing the part of Kate Brewster opposite Arnie's T-800 Terminator.

The twist in this movie is that the Terminator sent back to kill the now 18 year old John Connor is a female. The part of T-X / Terminatrix will be played by Norwegian actress Kristanna Loken.

Terminator 3 : The Rise of the Machines will be released on July 2, 2003.

As for 'Chinese Democracy' who knows? The album has had a least half a dozen false starts since the original intended release in 1999. Late just year it was confirmed for October, but that came and went. Band members are now saying mid this year. At least that would coincide with the release of the Arnie flick but don't hold your breath.

By Paul Cashmere

Source(s): http://www.undercover.com.au  
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