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March 19th, 2000
Brian May on Axl Rose
This is from an interview with Brian May:


H: When is The Guns & Roses thing coming? Is that gonna be out soon?

B: Yeah, well, it's a long time project. They'd been really..., from the inception I think it's 5 years [wow] since they started making the record. But they made many many many tracks. [yeah] And now they chosen just a few they want to be on the first new record. And I think it's very good stuff. I was very impressed Axl singing fantastically. [yeah] I mean, actually such a unique sound & style. I don't know if you know his work very much. But.

H: Yeah, yeah, I'm their fan too, Yeah...

B: Yeah, a line is, it's very passionate and very...[hmm] very exciting, you know. And I was happy to play some stuff on that. I think it will be out on..., they talked about a Spring, I think, you know, late Spring probably and maybe they can tour in Summer.


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