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January 25th, 2006
Steven fires his band? + Last part of 20 Questions with Steven Adler online
From Metal Sludge:


Direct phone calls to Metal Sludge have confirmed that the shit has officially hit the fan with the Adler's Appetite tour in Europe.

Michael Thomas & Sheldon Tarsha on behalf of the entire group (less Adler) will be forwarding an official statement at first chance.

In a nutshell from Thomas: "Spain was fine, Steven was fine and everything was great! Until Adler blew a junkie gasket at our first show in Germany. Adam Bomb opened up and after the show he & Adler vanished. The next day Steven was a cussing, venom spewing viper who was clearly NOT the same person he was the day before. It's drugs, it has to be drugs."

Tarsha & Thomas both have confirmed that they tried to reason with Steven along with the rest of the band and crew to no avail. Last they knew a Guns n' Roses tribute band from Italy was enroute to replace the group for the remainder of the dates.

The third and final part of Metal Sludge's 20 questions with Steven Adler is now online here.

Source(s): http://www.metalsludge.tv/  
Thanks to: Marijke, coolman78SLASH, iamskeletor 
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