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January 4th, 2006
Slash talking about Chinese Democracy audio + GN'R mention on MTV.com + VR live in Houston on HDNet
As reported earlier, Slash was interviewed on Philadelphia's WMMR radio station recently and he mentioned Chinese Democracy. Here's a transcript of the mention:


Slash: Axl's got got a record coming out, Guns I guess you call it, I think in March.

Which is sorta cool, you know it's gonna be interesting to hear it. After all this time and after all this talk what's going on with him.

DJ: So wait, Chinese Democracy is gonna come out?
Slash: Yeah, it's coming out in March...

DJ: OK..
Slash: That's what... I've been told a lot of things over the years, but it definitely sounds like it's coming out in March.

DJ: We've been waiting forever.
Slash: Which means Velvet Revolver probably in March, April, May. Will be coming out somewhere around that time. It'll be interesting.

DJ: Yeah, I was gonna say your record will probably come out first.
Slash: No, no... Yeah, well. All things considered, it could. That could happen, but... Judging by, I think Axl's record is finished.


You can download the Podcast at gmppodcast.com.

More information about the WMMR Podcasts at wmmr.com.

GN'R were mentioned on MTV.com's preview of 2006:

But we can't forget about those other albums, the ones we've included in this preview story every year for at least, oh, five years now, and which we hope are closer to release than the last time we reported on them. We're talking about Dr. Dre's long-promised rapping swan song, Detox, Guns N' Roses' decade-in-the-making Chinese Democracy and the solo debut from ex-Rage Against the Machine leader Zack de la Rocha, who has been mostly MIA since quitting Rage more than five years ago. Reps for these artists tell us there is no new information on them, but here's hopin'.

From the HDNet web site:

Sun., Jan. 15th 9:00 PM ET
6:00 PM PT
Velvet Revolver - Live in Houston - Premiere

A concert that follows the release of their self-titled first album, Velvet Revolver. The five-man powerhouse rock band finally brings something new to the scene. While Velvet Revolver inevitably offers a few echoes of its members' illustrious pasts, their sound is defiantly forward-looking and truly fresh. The band features Guns N' Roses founding members Slash and Duff, as well as Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland."


The show will also air on Mon., Jan. 16th 12:00 AM ET, Sun., Jan. 15th 9:00 PM PT.

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