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January 1st, 2006
Former Adler's Appetite member Brent Muscat speaks out about the band
I have to say I find this Adlerís Appetite debacle quite amusing. I have stayed quiet about my involvement with the band for quite some time.

The fact is we had a good thing going for a while and in my opinion it was ruined by greed. Most crimes and murders stem from greed. We had a record deal with Shrapnel that they blew purely over greed.

They chose to dissolve the partnership agreement to throw me out of the band. Some members were jealous of what I have accomplished in the music business in the past and felt that I did not need the project as much as others.

Personally, I donít think it was a great business decision to get rid of me considering I sold more records then everyone in the band combined, excluding Steven. I for one never looked at the band as a meal ticket, it was just a fun gig playing Guns N Roses songs to make extra cash.

I believe the other members really thought this was their Velvet Revolver. The big difference is Velvet Revolver has Slash, Duff, and a good drummer who was in Guns N Roses and they had Steven who was kicked out of Guns N Roses and still shows why.

Eventually, the members realized their mistake and asked me to come back to play with them in Japan which I politely declined. To put it simply they fucked me out of a tour, a record and guaranteed money and now they are all crying because it happened to them. Karma is a bitch.

As for their stupid partnership agreement, I believe, Steven Adlerís mother has power of attorney. Unless his mother is in the room and signs the contract, any agreement the band has is not legally binding. In the long run it is not worth the paper it is printed on, unless you are collecting Steven Adlerís autograph or run out of toilet paper.

My advice to those guys is to move on. There are plenty of cover bands out there. Steven has the GnR cover band, Jizzy and Robbie have a Ratt cover band and isnít Kerry in a new cover band just about every other week?

Lets not forget what Slash had to say about Adlerís Appetite after hearing them live:

ďThe only one who plays in a cover band is Steven Adler. He just brings old Guns N' Roses songs, under the name of Adler's Appetite - the poor guyÖ

We (Izzy and Slash) went to the show and listened to the whole set. With guys from various L.A.-bands, and that was really funny. If only because of the involuntary realization that Guns N' Roses must have been damn good - cause the covers simply sounded like shitĒ Quote: Slash

Iím recovering from fucking cancer and these clowns are crying over a Guns N Roses cover band, get a life!

Source(s): http://www.metalsludge.tv/  
Thanks to: IzzyDutch 
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