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June 14th, 2005
Ju Ju Hounds bass player comments on unofficial Izzy biography
Jimmy Ashhurst (bass player for Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds) who was interviewed for the unofficial Izzy Stradlin biography Dust N' Bones, posted the following on the beenafix.com board:


"I was surprised to see all of the negative comments about the book by Jake Brown "Dust n Bones...bla bla" Believe me, had I known how it was to come out in the end I would never have granted the interview...there's just no way to determine what the guy was going to do at the time...I tried as best I could to be careful and the guy promised me that it would be a quality product and would not be any kind of tabloid gossip type of publication...I was concerned about how Izzy would react as well, and tried very hard not to address any personal topics or to put the author in a position to slam him in any way. I was assured many times that this was going to be a book that was going to be accurate and informative and as I know Izzy would never put anything out there himself, I believed that it would have been a great source of information for his true fans around the world. Alas, this appears to not be the case and it would seem as though it was just another moneymaking opportunity and another example of shloc journalism. You can be sure I will be more careful and not make the same mistake in the future...and I'm sorry that the thing was so disappointing to the real fans. Its a shame really because it could have been really cool had it been done right.

However, in all fairness I haven't yet read the book myself...I'm waiting right now for my copy to arrive (I had to buy my own copy from Amazon...which says a lot about the publisher in itself) so I'll try and reserve any further comments I have until after I've read it for myself...but for now I trust you guys' opinions, for if there's anyone who knows it would definitely be you guys...
OK! bye for now...I promise to be back with any cool news in the future.
Jimmy "Two Fingers" Ashhurst"

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