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May 29th, 2005
Robin's site updated
Robin's official web site has been updated and he has added a message to the GN'R fans. The message is as follows:

gnr fans:

to be clear, the request to refrain from emailing me about Guns n' Roses is not a diss to you or to the band or to anyone. i simply am not eager to instigate that conversation until an official release date for the album is made public. otherwise, i'd go a little nutzo tossing "i dunnos" and "can't quite says" in every direction. i trust you may understand. there will most certainly be a time to embrace this new ship. let's first allow it to launch from the pad in all it's glory. i look forward to such a time.

what is real, is that i am alive and inspired and look forward to sharing this new chapter with you. thank you for your support and for your enthusiasm along this long and winding off-road trek. each email to me personally is gratefully received.

see you-
r ob i n

Source(s): http://www.robinfinck.com  
Thanks to: John 
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