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May 16th, 2005
Dizzy/GN'R mentions in interview + VR articles/reviews
Sp1at interviewed Joel Miller, the writer and director of "The Still Life", a movie which will feature music by Dizzy:

Here are some Dizzy related parts of the interview:


Splat: What’s the film’s soundtrack going to be like?

Joel: Well the plan is to have Josh Todd and Dizzy put it together. Dizzy and Louise Post are doing an acoustic version of a Veruca Salt song from the first Veruca Salt album. In the movie, Dizzy’s playing piano and Louise is playing guitar and singing. Matt Nelson sings a song on the soundtrack. We’re going to use stuff from Delaney (Bramlett), too. Josh didn’t sing in the movie, but will be on soundtrack. I had heard a bunch of Dizzy’s new material. He gave me a 10 song demo of his new stuff. I just wanted to hear stuff from him without Guns N’ Roses. It’s really good. I’m sure we’ll steal a couple songs for the soundtrack (laughs). Basically, I’m just putting Josh and Dizzy together in a room and saying, “You guys figure it out.” That way it’ll come out a lot better. Whether they want to do one of Dizzy’s songs, or if they want to start writing stuff together.

Splat: How would you describe Dizzy’s stuff, stylistically?

Joel: It’s rock. It’s just good old-fashioned rock. It’s pretty aggressive. It’s got great harmonies.


And a little GN'R mention:


Splat: You were a roadie for GN’R for the HOB 2000 and Rock In Rio III shows. What was that like?

Joel: It was pretty amazing. The first CD I ever bought was Appetite For Destruction, so to be able to work for a band so influential and important to me personally, was as rewarding as any life experience could be. It was just great. On top of that, to hear them and they’re still really good, was even cooler. Axl was really cool to me. I got to watch them rehearse when there were only two or three other people in the room for months. It’s like getting a lifetime Disneyland pass. The band was just coming together, and there was a lot of hanging out. I talked to Bucket a lot. He was a really nice guy, really into horror films. He was very polite and gentle. Brain was cool. He was like a king on the throne on the drumset. You can just see that he’s about to rock. I remember it was a big deal because of the three guitar players. Robin’s awesome, really, really amazing. He was very interesting. He’s extremely intelligent. So, getting into a conversation with him was really interesting because he’s a very smart guy. The neatest thing was sitting there and watching. It was so cool.

And a few years later, Dizzy’s manager called me and said, “Have you heard of Dizzy Reed?” I was like, “Yeah, I worked for him.” Also, Dizzy had a long conversation at the wrap party with Angelo (Fishbone). Which was really cool. Here’s these two music icons that I’m friends with, talking about music.


Full interview

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