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April 7th, 2005
Keri Kelli/Adler's Appetite interview + Matt Sorum 'Not Affected' By Jump To Arenas
Adler's Appetite guitarist Keri Kelli was interviewed by StevenAdler.net. In the interview he mentions the comments made by Kevin Dubrow:


B: Last year, Kevin Dubrow toured with Steven for several weeks on the "Bad Boys of Metal Tour". Typical of his nature, he didn't hesitate to bash Steven, and others on that tour. He made it seem as though sharing a bus with Steven for a few weeks was unbearable. He alleged that Steven was involved in activities that could have got the entire crew arrested.You have been on many tours with Steven in the last two years, why do you feel you haven't had any such trouble, or have you?

KK: All things considered, sure, sometimes Steven can be handful. But sometimes I can be too, or evenRobbie, or the guitar tech! But the problem, I think, especially on that tour, was that it was just a free-for-all out there. I don't think everyone had their minds on the business. When we play, it's business. It's the "music business". So when Steven's with us, he doesn't really act crazy or anything. It's the real deal. He definitely keeps it tight around us. I never was in fear of being arrested! I went to one "Bad Boys" show in New York when I was out with Vince.Steven wasn't acting crazy, at least not that night. I was there all night with him. When he's with us everything's fine.


He also talks about the band's future plans:

B: Where are you at with the search for a new singer?

KK: We're trying to make it happen. (laughs) There's a couple of guys that we are really into. They are hungry, they sing great, and have good attitudes. Probably by next week this time everything will be settled. We all gotta get together, myself,Robbie and Steven, and make a decision. Everything's gonna be fine, we're not even concerned about it really.


B: What's next for Adler's Appetite?

KK: The end of April we have like six shows in the East Coast area. We got a couple of local shows on the 6th and 7th of May which I think areLong Beach and Malibu. A couple of other things are on the table we just need to nail them down. There had been three dates inArgentina that have been in the works. The problem was they had that big nightclub fire down there. A lot of people got killed. Originally the shows were booked for this March. Izzy was going to be involved. Apparently he was gonna do an acoustic set, and then he was gonna come out and play with us. I'm not sure if he's gonna come out for the rescheduled shows. They might be in May, plus we had offers to return to Mexico.But our focus is gonna be getting a singer nailed down and, in the next six weeks, workin' on the new tunes. We have labels that want to work with us and put the thing out. So we wanna get like twenty tunes together and from there pick the best. So, one step at a time. It's not rocket science, it's rock n' roll!

Full interview at stevenadler.net.

Launch Radio Networks reports: VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum said there's been little adjustment needed in making the jump from clubs and theatres to arena-sized venues on the band's current Electric Wonderland tour. "The stage is a little bigger, but it feels pretty much the same to me," he said. "I mean, I'm not too affected by it. It's just nice. I mean, you get to the gig and it's just easier to deal with the the venue's just set up better, usually, when you have a bigger venue. That's pretty much what they're built for, you know, is playing big rock shows and stuff."

A VR article:

For the members of Velvet Revolver, the band is a second chance, 'cosmically meant to be'

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