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October - December 1999:

December 18th, 1999: Free Music: Guns N' Roses
December 17th, 1999: Slash Says "Ain't Life Grand!"
December 11th, 1999: Slash Helps Out On Rated X Score
December 10th, 1999: Appetite at #16 on best selling albums off all time chart
December 7th, 1999: Trent Reznor on Axl
December 3rd, 1999: Beck On Axl Rose, Ice Cube
December 1st, 1999: MTV's 100 Greatest Videos
December 1st, 1999: The screwed up Live Era albums will be recalled.....
November 27th, 1999: Vote for GN'R on MTV's TRL!
November 23rd, 1999: Slash @ the L.A. Music Awards
November 21st, 1999: Slash Wraps Up As-Yet-Untitled Record
November 20th, 1999: NME End Of Days soundtrack review / EOD soundtrack debuts at #20
November 13th, 1999: Izzy Rides on With New Disc
November 13th, 1999: Axl Rose - A conversation with Kurt Loder
November 12th, 1999: Gilby to sing on Motley Crue tribute
November 12th, 1999: End Of Days Soundtrack boasts new songs from GN'R, Limp Bizkit, Korn etc.
November 11th, 1999: New album from Izzy!
November 10th, 1999: Axl Breaks Silence; Talks About New GN'R Album
November 10th, 1999: Axl Rose Describes Upcoming Album
November 9th, 1999: Guns N' Roses is back! - Vote for the new video!
November 9th, 1999: Guns N' Roses Return To The Jungle
November 9th, 1999: Navarro Talks About Teaming With GN'R
November 8th, 1999: GUNS DRAWN
November 7th, 1999: Welcome To The Jungle video
November 6th, 1999: Welcome To The Jungle video news
November 3rd, 1999: Slash @ L.A Music Awards
October 29th, 1999: Track List Revealed for Live G n' R Set
October 28th, 1999: Possible European/Japanese bonus track on Live Era 87 - 93: Coma!!!
October 27th, 1999: News on the albums....
October 22nd, 1999: Slash Goes Back to the Snakepit
October 16th, 1999: Guns N' Roses To Release Two-CD Live Set
October 12th, 1999: Guns N' Roses Return With Aggressive New Single
October 9th, 1999: Oh My God [update]
October 8th, 1999: Possible End Of Days tracklisting
October 8th, 1999: Oh My God on the radio
October 6th, 1999: Slash @ NetAid
October 4th, 1999: It's Only Rock N' Roll (But I Like It)
October 2nd, 1999: Oh My God details....


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