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January - March 2010:

March 29th, 2010: GN'R to play Reading & Leeds festivals in the UK
March 25th, 2010: Rio de Janeiro show rescheduled for April 4th
March 20th, 2010: Central America & Rio de Janeiro
March 16th, 2010: Rio de Janeiro to be rescheduled
March 15th, 2010: Rio de Janeiro press release
March 13th, 2010: going live today
March 9th, 2010: Dj Ashba Meet & Greet!
March 5th, 2010: Bumblefoot's "Be My Guest" GN'R South America Contest
March 2nd, 2010: Sebastian Bach opening more South American shows
March 1st, 2010: Important notice regarding Central American shows
February 28th, 2010: FALSE: El Salvador show on April 11th? [updated Mar 1]
February 27th, 2010: FALSE: GN'R in Costa Rica on April 7th [updated Mar 1]
February 27th, 2010: Porto Alegre venue change
February 26th, 2010: FALSE: GN'R to play in Central America? [updated Mar 1]
February 26th, 2010: Bogota venue change
February 25th, 2010: Porto Alegre, Brazil show sold out
February 18th, 2010: Buenos Aires: Sold Out
February 18th, 2010: GN'R in Helsinki on June 5th!
February 17th, 2010: Ron Thal interviewed by Quebec's The Metal File
February 17th, 2010: Axl posts letter on Twitter [updated]
February 16th, 2010: Sebastian Bach to open for GN'R in Brazil
February 16th, 2010: Another video featuring GN'R on Kimi Räikkönen's web site
February 15th, 2010: GN'R plays a second surprise show in New York
February 12th, 2010: GN'R in Caracas, Venezuela
February 12th, 2010: GN'R rocks New York City with surprise show
February 12th, 2010: GN'R to play in Sweden at Sweden Rock Festival [updated]
February 7th, 2010: New Ron Thal interview by Ultimate Guitar
February 3rd, 2010: GN'R in Bogota & Quito
February 3rd, 2010: Guns N' Roses to dominate new decade with larger-than-life global stadium tour
January 28th, 2010: "Chinese Democracy" featured on Kimi Räikkönen's web site
January 26th, 2010: GN'R in Argentina
January 20th, 2010: South American general on sale dates
January 17th, 2010: Thank God For Axl Rose
January 16th, 2010: Frank Ferrer Chats with My Latino Voice
January 2nd, 2010: Happy New Year from Axl/GN'R


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