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October - December 2008:

December 30th, 2008: Readers’ Rock List: Best Songs Of 2008
December 29th, 2008: Rose reading
December 25th, 2008: Dynamics and quality win the Loudness Wars
December 25th, 2008: Free SexTapes™ music to share with everyone!
December 24th, 2008: Introducing…The Walter KronKite Trio (Chris Pitman related)
December 24th, 2008: Billboard Readers' Poll: 10 Best Albums
December 20th, 2008: Bumblefoot "Barefoot" acoustic EP coming
December 16th, 2008: Chinese Democracy on Readers’ Top 30 Albums of 2008
December 14th, 2008: More answers to fans' questions from Axl
December 13th, 2008: Axl answers fans' questions on GN'R fan sites (transcripts) [updated Dec 14th]
December 12th, 2008: Regarding the GN'R reunion rumors
December 11th, 2008: Better on RS "Singles of the Year" list
December 10th, 2008: "Chinese Democracy" to be the official theme song of WWE Armageddon
December 10th, 2008: Chinese Democracy makes Rolling Stone's "Albums Of The Year" list
December 5th, 2008: Chinese Democracy tops world album chart
December 4th, 2008: Chinese Democracy enters Billboard album chart
December 4th, 2008: Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - UK Meet n greets
December 4th, 2008: 'Chinese Democracy' Fires GNR To Euro Albums Summit
November 26th, 2008: GN'R Set Myspace Record
November 25th, 2008: Guns N' Roses release 'Chinese Democracy' early with cycling army
November 25th, 2008: Chinese Democracy certified platinum in Finland
November 22nd, 2008: Reminder: Free Dr Pepper tomorrow
November 20th, 2008: Hear the album on Myspace
November 20th, 2008: More than three million plays in less than a day for GN'R on Myspace
November 19th, 2008: European Chinese Democracy happenings
November 19th, 2008: Billboard - Chinese Democracy review
November 19th, 2008: Hear Chinese Democracry in full on K-Rock
November 17th, 2008: More GN'R widgets - take a look!
November 17th, 2008: Richard Fortus part of the upcoming Sheri album
November 17th, 2008: "Better" on the radio today
November 15th, 2008: Talking Metal - Countdown to Chinese Democracy: The Penultimate Installment
November 13th, 2008: Contests for fans in the UK and Italy
November 12th, 2008: “Chinese Democracy” listening events!
November 12th, 2008: Chinese Democracy single on the iTunes charts
November 11th, 2008: SexTapes™ record released today
November 10th, 2008: Rolling Stone: Chinese Democracy review
November 9th, 2008: New Bumblefoot interview
November 9th, 2008: Talking Metal interviews Chris Pitman
November 9th, 2008: Pre-order album and get single now on iTunes
November 8th, 2008: Hookers & Blow Mexico date canceled
November 7th, 2008: Chinese Democracy - Pre-Order and Get Free Single
November 2nd, 2008: Chinese Democracy TV spot airs in USA
November 1st, 2008: Richard Fortus' music featured in new video games
October 30th, 2008: Chinese Democracy widget
October 29th, 2008: Chinese Democracy TV spot in Canada
October 25th, 2008: "Chinese Democracy" single is a radio smash
October 24th, 2008: Chris Pitman's SexTapes album coming in November
October 24th, 2008: Bumblefoot on Eddie Trunk's show tonight & Chiller Theatre expo this weekend
October 24th, 2008: Dr Pepper to deliver on its free Dr Pepper promise
October 24th, 2008: GN'R weekend on 97.7 HTZ-FM + New Talking Metal episode
October 24th, 2008: Chinese Democracy advert in today's edition of The Sun
October 22nd, 2008: Where to hear the new track [updated]
October 22nd, 2008: Chinese Democracy press release from management and Best Buy
October 21st, 2008: The new single, Chinese Democracy, on the radio tomorrow
October 17th, 2008: Best Buy adds Chinese Democracy tracklist and release date
October 11th, 2008: Hookers N' Blow: First South American/Mexican Tour Dates Announced (updated)
October 10th, 2008: Body Of Lies premiere today in North America
October 6th, 2008: GN'R tops Readers’ Rock List: Sports Anthems


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