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January - March 2004:

March 31st, 2004: First week US sales of Greatest Hits + The album on the Hungarian chart + RIR4 articles
March 30th, 2004: Guns N' Roses cancel Rock In Rio - Lisbon show
March 30th, 2004: Guns N' Roses Not Able to Perform at Rock in Rio [press release]
March 29th, 2004: Greatest Hits chart update + Duff & Slash interview clip + SCOTT WEILAND: It's Hard For Me To Bet I Will Stay Sober
March 28th, 2004: Greatest Hits believed to sell more than 100,000 copies in USA during its first week + Duff & Slash on Virgin Radio
March 27th, 2004: GN'R in UK magazines + Greatest Hits chart update
March 26th, 2004: Greatest Hits enters album charts in Austria, Iceland and Sweden + More GN'R on Swedish tv + November Rain the #7 video of all time in Q magazine + Duff & Slash on Virgin Radio
March 25th, 2004: Q Magazine Seeks Readers' Help In Composing Questions For SLASH + GN'R on Swedish ZTV + BBB - Bring Back Buckethead guestbook
March 24th, 2004: GN'R in For Better Or For Worse comic + Weiland update + GH reviews
March 24th, 2004: Duff on TotalRock 6-9pm (UK time) [updated] + Duff & Slash on Danish tv + JOSH FREESE: AXL ROSE Was Always Nice And Generous To Me
March 23rd, 2004: Greatest Hits enters more European album charts + Weiland DUI case postponed + Velvet Revolver update
March 22nd, 2004: Mick Wall talks about Axl/GN'R + Greatest Hits selling online + GN'R mention at Metal Sludge
March 21st, 2004: RTL Broadcasts Rock in Rio-Lisboa in Holland + Slash in Cypress Hill video + Ain't It Fun censored on the GH cd
March 20th, 2004: GN'R On Album Charts + Izzy & Steven update
March 19th, 2004: Axl #3 Craziest Pop Star + Greatest Hits lawsuit news stories
March 17th, 2004: STEVEN ADLER, IZZY STRADLIN To Collaborate On New Music + Greatest Hits ads on tv, mention in Calgary paper + GN'R article in Kerrang! + more
March 17th, 2004: Buckethead's Hand Puppet Says Goodbye To Guns N' Roses
March 16th, 2004: Geffen Records Prevails Over Axl Rose Lawsuit
March 16th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Bassist Sets Release Date For Solo Debut + STEVEN ADLER Comments On Tour Cancellation
March 16th, 2004: BUCKETHEAD Out Of GUNS N' ROSES? [updated]
March 15th, 2004: Guns N' Roses Files Lawsuit
March 14th, 2004: Buckethead opening for Particle + Greatest Hits already out in some countries + Contraband tracklist + Hollywood Rose album delayed
March 13th, 2004: GN'R article in The Guardian + Matt in Rhythm magazine
March 12th, 2004: HOLLYWOOD ROSE - Pre-GUNS Ní ROSES Demos To Surface
March 12th, 2004: Greatest Hits ad in London + GN'R mentions in Aftonbladet + Contraband release pushed back
March 11th, 2004: GN'R week on Kerrang TV + Rage GN'R Special + Slash mention on
March 10th, 2004: Listen to Velvet Revolver's first single online + Dizzy's NYC show cancelled + Axl mention in The Sun
March 9th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER To Film 'Slither' Video In Early April
March 8th, 2004: GN'R articles in newspapers + GN'R tv commercial + VR in Total Guitar + Dizzy's NYC show cancelled?
March 6th, 2004: Greatest Hits cover art + Viggo Mortensen talks about Buckethead + Velvet Revolver video shoot postponed
March 5th, 2004: GN'R fans mentioned in The Sun + Slash mentioned in the Sunday Mirror
March 5th, 2004: HANOI ROCKS Singer: AXL ROSE Was Scared Of Sharing The Stage With Us
March 4th, 2004: Appetite For Destruction in Q magazine's list of hair metal albums + Gilby tour dates + Download VR audio clip
March 3rd, 2004: New release date for GN'R tribute + Sweet Child O'Mine Tops Indian Best Rock Solo List
March 2nd, 2004: Appetite For Destruction tops Kerrang! list + New site promoting the Greatest Hits album + Michael Monroe mentions Axl & Slash
March 1st, 2004: Velvet Revolver Album Preview: GN'R + STP = Uphill Battle
February 28th, 2004: ADLER'S APPETITE Cancel Remainder Of Mini-Tour, Blame Tour's Promoter
February 28th, 2004: Greatest Hits tracks are remastered? + Tiny GN'R mention in Maxim
February 27th, 2004: GN'R mention in Milwaukee news paper + VR Contraband tracklist
February 26th, 2004: Weiland in Rolling Stone + The Dizzy Reed Band to play in New York City + Gilby adds NYC date to tour
February 25th, 2004: GUNS N' ROSES Keyboardist To Embark On Solo Tour + Steven Tyler performs with Camp Freddy + Zakk Wylde mentions GN'R
February 24th, 2004: Greatest Hits TV spot + GN'R at The Midtfyn Festival? + Weiland trial date set + more
February 22nd, 2004: Axl mention on Blabbermouth + Zakk Wylde mentions GN'R
February 21st, 2004: Tommy's solo album is done + Buckethead albums coming + Zombie Apocalypse Cover GN'R
February 20th, 2004: Izzy Stradlin "Like A Dog" update + VR interview in Dagbladet + Tommy guest appearance + more
February 19th, 2004: Weiland court update + Debut Velvet Revolver Album Due In May
February 19th, 2004: Guns N' Roses. GREATEST HITS. For the First Time
February 18th, 2004: Guns N' Roses May Sue to Block Greatest Hits Album
February 17th, 2004: Guns 'n' Roses Fans Protest Greatest Hits
February 16th, 2004: Slash Stops Cat Fight + Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist, Wife Explain Pre-GRAMMY Incident
February 14th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: 'Contraband' Release Date Pushed Back A Week + Greatest Hits cover art? + Axl on ESPN poll
February 11th, 2004: Greatest Hits? + Adler's Appetite February tour dates + Buckethead mention
February 10th, 2004: Axl mentioned in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article + GN'R on Finnish DVD chart + VR single update
February 9th, 2004: Buckethead @ The Grammy Awards pre-show + new Buckethead album coming + Duff, Slash & Matt At Pre-GRAMMY Party Photos
February 7th, 2004: Dave Kushner's Velvet Revolver update
February 6th, 2004: Billboard 200 15 years ago + Axl mentioned in Swedish article about Pharrell
February 5th, 2004: Camp Freddy on The Sharon Osbourne Show + Richard & Brain appear on movie score + AXL ROSE Buys Mobil Neon Pegasus Flying Horse
February 4th, 2004: All three GN'R DVDs on's chart + Dizzy appearance
February 3rd, 2004: Richard Fortus appearing on The Compulsions tracks + Tommy merchadise @ + More Gilby tour dates
February 3rd, 2004: Duff interview at + Weiland's Representatives Attempt To 'Clarify' Recent News Reports
February 2nd, 2004: Camp Freddy in Houston on Jan 30th + small VR mention
January 31st, 2004: Buckethead's Giant Robot show Feb 27 + GN'R mentioned in Metal Hammer + Slash Les Paul article + more
January 30th, 2004: CAMP FREDDY Begin Recording Debut Album + GN'R unofficial biography update + more
January 29th, 2004: Dizzy interviewed on Chicago radio + VR wins 2003 Sludgeaholic Choice Award
January 28th, 2004: Richard playing at NYC fashion show + Adler's Appetite February tour dates
January 27th, 2004: Tommy update + VR tour dates not confirmed
January 26th, 2004: GN'R clips at official Rock In Rio - Lisboa site + VR @ Ozzfest? + Gilby tour dates
January 25th, 2004: Dizzy in Chicago + Li'l G'N'R in NY Post + Gilby in AZ
January 24th, 2004: Weiland ordered back into lockdown rehab + Slash on Guitar World's 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists Of All Time list
January 23rd, 2004: GN'R mention in Total Guitar + Velvet Revolver World Album Premiere pics + Gilby article in Las Vegas paper
January 20th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER Set First Single, Schedule Promotional Appearances
January 20th, 2004: Slash attends James Brown concert in L.A. + Duff @ NAMM
January 19th, 2004: GN'R on VH1's When Metal Ruled The World + Guns N Roses Greatest Hits on VH1 Europe
January 18th, 2004: Adler's Appetite UK tour cancelled
January 16th, 2004: New Slash Signature Les Paul from Gibson
January 15th, 2004: VELVET REVOLVER: Bringing Chaos Back Into The Rock World
January 15th, 2004: Tommy Stinson update
January 14th, 2004: GN'R mention in The Province newspaper + Brain drum ad
January 11th, 2004: GN'R week on Kerrang TV + Gilby playing at the CES in Las Vegas, NV + Axl voted #4 frontman
January 11th, 2004: GN'R and Velvet Revolver mentions in Revolver magazine
January 10th, 2004: GN'R planning an European tour? + Axl mention in Sports Illustrated + VR/GN'R mention in the National Enquirer + Weiland switched rehab facilities once again
January 7th, 2004: New supergroup feat. an ex-Gunner? + New GN'R book on the way
January 6th, 2004: Buckethead, Li'l GN'R mentions in Rolling Stone + Vote for VR + Gilby January tour dates
January 3rd, 2004: GN'R on Dutch "best of all times" charts + Adler's Appetite Dutch dates
January 2nd, 2004: CD update from Dizzy + GN'R mention in Aftonbladet + Sweet Child O' Mine solo mentioned in Guitar One + Gilby with Heart
January 1st, 2004: Rock In Rio - Lisbon on sale date + GN'R & VR mentions on + GN'R mention in Guitar World magazine's 2003 poll + VELVET REVOLVER To Re-Record Song For Upcoming Debut


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