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September 30th, 2000
Pages for the two new Duff projects are online. The Gentlemen and The Racketeers.
There's not much on those pages yet.... [12:40]

September 29th, 2000
Added stuff to the guest apperances in the discography. [17:40]

September 28th, 2000
Added info on Slash's Snakepit's Ain't Life Grand. [20:10]

September 25th, 2000
The Vandals Talk About Guns N' Roses. See news. [19:20]

September 23rd, 2000
Added Slash's Snakepit tour dates! [12:35]

September 21st, 2000
Added a redesigned pictures section.

Updated links section. [14:20]

September 19th, 2000
G N' R's Duff McKagan Joins Presidents For TV Show. See news!

Added links to Don't Cty and Ain't Slash Grand. [22:10]

September 16th, 2000
Added stuff to the Guest Appearances list. [17:55]

September 15th, 2000
The Axl vs. Slash Deathmatch will be on tonight at 21:30 CET on MTV Europe.
(There's no mention of this on their website. Let's hope that the announcer was right.) [20:10]

Added a link to an Italian GN'R site called Italian Dead Horse. [17:35]

September 11th, 2000
Check out this Slash interview at www.metal-is.com. [22:30]

Some small updates. [19:10]

September 10th, 2000
Michael Monroe talks about GN'R/Axl. See news.

drDrew.com has an interview with Gilby Clarke. Check it out. [13:10]

September 5th, 2000
The Live Era '87-'93 transcription book has been delayed. [12:30]

September 3rd, 2000
Added link to Diddo's Guns N' Roses Website and updated guest appearances
in the discography. [13:50]

September 2nd, 2000
Just some small updates. [18:00]

August 31st, 2000
Slash's Snakepit tour news. [15:55]

August 29th, 2000
Download Slash's Snakepit Ain't Life Grand e-card. [18:50]

August 28th, 2000
Added a link to Portal Guns N' Roses. [11:40]

August 26th, 2000
Going to the North By Northwest Music and New Media Conference? Duff
will be there with The Gentlemen. Check out the news. [18:50]

August 25th, 2000
Slash will be on The Tourbus and WNEW Radio this Saturday. See news. [13:40]

August 23rd, 2000
Slash will be on The Today Show with Jon Stewart tonight. [12:10]

August 22nd, 2000
Slash on WBAB's morning show this Friday. See news. [20:15]

Updated equipment list. [16:00]

August 21st, 2000
Updated links section. [20:10]

August 18th, 2000
Elton John mentions Axl. See news. [15:40]

August 17th, 2000
Updated info on Nightrain on the fanzines page.

Happy Birthday Gilby! [16:30]

August 16th, 2000
Another GN'R tribute album on the way, this one's called Strings Of Fire: The Acoustic
Tribute To Guns N'Roses
. Check out the news section. [16:45]

August 15th, 2000
Added a link to Slash's Snakepit's Koch Records home page. [13:00]

August 14th, 2000
Slash news from the Toronto Sun. [19:05]

August 13th, 2000
Josh Freese talks about Axl and Chinese Democracy. See news. [17:05]

August 8th, 2000
Added link to November Reign. [20:05]

August 6th, 2000
Updated links section. [20:00]

August 2nd, 2000
Download Hole's version of Paradise City, see news. [20:30]

July 31st, 2000
Added a link to Comaconcert Videos. [22:00]

July 30th, 2000
A little Slash/GN'R story in the news. [21:00]

July 29th, 2000
GN'R Live Era transcription book news. Plus Axl, a bad-ass. See news. [16:40]

July 28th, 2000
Added links to My Michelle's: A GN'R Website and Get.to/GNR. [18:00]

July 26th, 2000
The Slash chat has been cancelled! A new date hasn't been scheduled yet. [22:45]

GN'R/Axl mention in the new Roling Stone. Check out the news section for more.

A reminder: The Slash radio show is coming later today. [14:00]

July 25th, 2000
Added Slash press release, info on a chat and radio show. See news. [12:50]

July 24th, 2000
Added a link to GN'R Exclusive. [20:10]

July 22nd, 2000
Added Gilby tour dates. [15:45]

July 21st, 2000
Slash will be on Soundbreak on July 26th. See news. [17:15]

July 20th, 2000
Some more news (Gilby on Tour Bus radio show plus Slash/Rod Stewart). [14:15]

Songwriter Sues Guns N' Roses Over Don't Cry. Check out the news. [13:30]

July 19th, 2000
GN'R on Top 1000 album poll. See news. [19:15]

Fixed some stuff. [14:00]

July 16th, 2000
Added two Axl pics from Kerrang! [21:00]

July 15th, 2000
Slash/AC/DC story in the news section [16:15]

July 14th, 2000
Added more news stories (gnrdirect.com is now open, Slash will be opening for AC/DC plus more) [21:35]

July 10th, 2000
Added some news stories. [21:45]

July 3rd, 2000
MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch with the Axl vs Slash match will air next Thursday (MTV US) .

Added info about "Keep On Rising" to the GN'R Q&A section. [20:55]

July 1st, 2000
Slash's Snakepit's new record will be released on the 26th of September. [11:10]

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