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August 25th, 2001
Matt talks about GN'R / "River" news
Matt Sorum did a interview for UK teletext. Here's the GN'R part:

"Guns were the biggest band in the world at the time, and we blew it" sighs Matt.

"I became sucked into the glamour. I don't have a family and I took advantage of everything on offer. Music became minimal importance to me. The fact that Axl Rose started acting like a total moran to everyone in the band didn't help either".

Now back on the Cult's drumstool, Matt Sorum has tried to contact his old GN'R bandmate Axl Rose - "I've phoned Axl 4 times to let him know i'm still here" Matt rues, "but Axl, he's a...private...person".

"What disturbs me about GN'R returning is that Axl's kept the name at all, when it's basically just him left. I hope they're great, I mean that, but it would be better for all concerned if Axl gave the band a new name".


The first US pressing of Izzy Stradlin's "River" sold out in four days. Bilawn Records is expecting to have it in stock again on September 16th.

Source(s): Dust N' Bones mailinglist  
Thanks to: Ian, Nicole 
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